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Finding My Quest

Once upon a time, I was very sad and disappointed with my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, no passion, no purpose, no dream.

I was living in chaos.

I realised I couldn’t afford it emotionally.

I had to make a CHANGE.


Through Observation, Research, and Action.

And I found it!

For me, learning new knowledge has always been my driving force.

I took the leap.

I left my life, my home, my family, my friends, and especially my comfort zone, back in Greece and moved to London to find my quest.

My journey started with my MSc in Occupational & Business Psychology at Kingston University of London. It was a beautiful experience filled with knowledge and tools about leadership, well-being, consultancy, and psychometrics. I loved it.

And then it hit me. This is for me. This is what I want to do in my life. This is how I want to help people!

And I wanted to do it in my own way; my own UNCONVENTIONAL way.

La Route Coaching was born. A passion project to make leadership accessible to everyone.

Why is leadership so important, you may ask?

Think about it!

Everything starts within: our dreams, successes, failures, power, the life we live.

We all are Everyday Leaders.

We all have the leadership skills to overcome obstacles and LEAD our personal lives, our careers, our teams.

Think of a single mother who leads her family every single day.

Think of a recent graduate who leads their way towards their dream career.

Think of an artist who leads their inspiration to their next art piece.

Think of a team leader who leads their team to success.

We sometimes need the (self) AWARENESS to realise those skills and understand how to use them for better results.

By understanding and loving ourselves for who we AUTHENTICALLY are, we create a new life with opportunities and magic.

By accepting our own differences, we learn to accept the differences of the people around us and create a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse society.

La Route Coaching brings the value of (Self) Awareness.

(Self) Awareness is Knowledge.

As we know, knowledge is Power (if it’s used correctly).

It’s the power within us.

Then, power is Leadership.

And leadership is Creativity.

In the end, always, creativity is LIFE.

Do you see it now?

My two tailored leadership programmes are designed to explode the potential within individuals and teams alike.

The Self-Leadership Programme invites you to go deeper in your subconscious and see with clear eyes the real issue that blocks you from living your authentic life. It’s the journey of self-discovery, offering the knowledge of the self from a personality assessment, giving you all the insights necessary to navigate life with clarity and purpose.

The Creative Leadership Programme fosters collaboration, innovation, and resilience within teams, guiding them towards collective success in an ever-evolving world. It helps the team-leader being aware of their people of the team and at the same time creates a safe and inclusive environment and culture for everyone.

For within each of us lies the capacity to lead with courage, compassion, and creativity – and at La Route Coaching, I’m here to help you LEAD YOUR WAY out of the labyrinth of your mind and design your dream life.

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Martha Damopoulou_32
Martha Damopoulou_32
11 เม.ย.

@fenia Thanks for sharing your story and actions taken. Very inspiring :-)


Thanks for your beautiful comment! Happy you found it useful! 🌸

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