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Personality Tests

Discover yourself with La Route Coaching 

We offer certified personality assessments designed to reveal your unique personality traits, strengths, and areas for growth.

Approved by top organisations in the UK

Self-awareness and personal development is of the utmost importance at La Route Coaching.

Backed by certifications from the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Lumina Learning, these personality tests provide accurate insights to help you navigate your personal and professional journey with confidence.

Why Personality Tests?

Personality tests are invaluable tools for gaining insight into your preferences, behaviours, skills and tendencies. They offer a deeper understanding of yourself, allowing you to make better decisions, communicate effectively, and build stronger relationships with yourself and others.


Whether you're exploring career options, seeking personal growth, or improving team dynamics, these assessments can help you unlock your full potential.

How The Process Works


Choose your test


Complete our contact form


We contact you within 24 hours

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Next Steps

Within one day, you receive an email with the payment link.


Once the payment is confirmed, you get the link of your personality test in your inbox.


For the Occupational Interests Profile and 15FQ+ personality test, you get the results within one business day.

For the Lumina Spark personality test, you get the results automatically when you complete the test.  

If you want to discuss your results and set an action plan, then we can have a 1:1 session.  

* 1 hour session costs £120

La Route Personality Tests



Time: 30-35 min



Time: 40-45 min



Time: 45-50 min

Are you feeling lost in your career path?

Do you struggle to find meaning and satisfaction in your work?

The Occupational Interests Profile test is designed to help you discover your true calling.


You can stop being confused and disappointed, and start creating your fulfilling career with confidence!

  • Ideal for people over 15 years old

  • Assess vocational interests and work needs

  • Perfect for career exploration and choice

  • Includes detailed career suggestions based on your profile

Is insecurity holding you back?

Do you find it hard to express yourself with confidence?

The 15FQ+ test provides insights into your communication style, interpersonal dynamics, and areas for growth.

No more misunderstandings, only harmonious relationships!

  • Suitable for adults 

  • Provides insights into your full sphere of human personality

  • Helps with selection, individual and team development, coaching, and guidance 

  • Identifies strengths and areas for improvement

Is stress draining your energy?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?

The Lumina Spark test offers a holistic view of your personality, empowering you to cope better with stress, adapt to change, and thrive in any situation.


Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to your inner peace!

  • Reveals your whole personality

  • Provides a unique portrait of who you really are

  • Increases self-awareness and reveals hidden potential 

  • Offers practical actions for improved communication, teamwork, and leadership

How Our Tests Can Help

These personality tests have helped countless individuals and organisations achieve success by increasing self-awareness, improving working relationships, and coping better with stress. 

"The 15FQ+ assessment was a game-changer for me. I've always struggled with understanding my strengths and weaknesses, but this personality test gave me all the valuable insights about my personality. Thanks to La Route Coaching, I now feel more motivated and confident in my strengths."

"I can't recommend Lumina Spark test enough! As someone who often felt overwhelmed by stress and uncertainty, this assessment helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my reactions to various situations. Now, I feel able to approach challenges with a calm and clarity. Thanks, Fenia, for your help!"

"Choosing a career path felt like an impossible task until I took the Occupational Interests Profile. This assessment not only helped me identify my interests and strengths but also provided me with practical career suggestions based on my personality. With the guidance of La Route Coaching, I've found a career thatI love! I'm grateful for your expertise and support throughout this journey."

Can't you decide which personality test is the best for you?

Book an Introductory call, at no cost, with me to find out! 

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