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Beyond Leadership

la route

[French ʀut ] 


1. road, 2. journey, 3. way, 4. the road to success, 5. en route on the way


It has its roots in the Greek word:

ρους o [rús] 015a: (λóy.) a. Continuous flow, river current., b. Continuous movement, change of state; flow, progression (of events)

Introducing La Route Coaching, your trusted guide on the path to becoming the leader of yourself:

Embrace your authentic self,

ignite your career and life, boost your confidence and be powerful.

Unleash your leadership power,
create your ideal life and foster positive change in the world.

Create a psychologically safe environments 
minimising lost working days caused by anxiety, stress and depression.

Unlock the true potential of you and your team, 

with my transformative leadership coaching and psychometric assessments.

My tailored services are designed

for individuals and c-suite teams, who want to make their dreams come true and have fun! The possibilities are infinite when we believe in ourselves. 


​I believe that everyone can  be an authentic leader if they want to!

Discover Your Inner Leader 

Level Up

You Said It

"In just 3 sessions, Fenia managed to help me overcome my fear and move forward with my goal."

" Fenia's giving the best guidance and consultation I could get.. "

"I 100% recommend La Route Coaching to anyone looking to find their purpose in their life or in their career."

" Recommend (La Route Coaching) to anyone who wants the best version of himself/herself."

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Partnerships & Memberships

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