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" Hey Fenia, just wanted to tell you how things have changed since we had our Online Meeting in November and since I started to put your tools and suggestions into action:

So to sum it up, things have been amazing! I overall felt a lot lighter and positive about the future and I started to notice a lot of little accomplishments that I didn't see before

I probably had the best November and December of my entire life and am now planning out my year with fresh energy.

Thank you so much for your help and input along the way and l'll be sure to book a session with you again!

- Victoria, Entrepreneur | Austria

" What an honor it was to work with Fenia, to learn from her, to be inspired by her, and to experience first hand her gifts as a passionate and empathic Business Psychologist and Leadership Coach. Fenia is a true professional dedicated and committed to helping you discover your strengths, abilities, and purpose. She is supportive, caring, a wonderful listener, gentle and kind, yet honest. She will challenge you. She will push you to break through or tear down beliefs that hold you back. She will help guide you to that place where your true potential is unlocked. She will listen to you. She will take the time to understand who you are and where you want to go in work or life. I highly recommend working with Fenia if you want to transform your mindset or career, change directions, launch something new, or restart or reboot your life. Thank you, Fenia, for all you do and for making a huge impact on my life!"

- Julia , Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur  | France

" As a Business Psychologist and Leadership Coach, Fenia brings a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and passion to her work. What sets Fenia apart is her commitment to creating a psychologically safe working environment. She understands the impact of anxiety, stress, and depression on individuals and teams, and her dedication to reducing lost working days is commendable. Also, she believes in the potential of every individual to be a great leader. Through her guidance and support, she helps you unlock your true potential and lead with passion and purpose. So, if you're looking for a transformative coaching experience, I highly recommend Fenia. Her dedication, professionalism, and genuine care for her clients make all the difference. Thank you, Fenia, for the incredible work you do!"

- ClaudiaConscious Marketer | Germany

" Fenia is a great listener , a great talker , and ultimately 

 a great leadership coach. I felt safe and comfortable every meeting i had with her , and she made sure that I did too, and by now I don't only consider her a leadership coach , I consider her a friend. I heavily recommend her if you are currently in a stuck place , if you need a small push to achieve something, or if you just need to work on yourself."

- Joyce, Student  | Greece

" Through the coaching process I realised some of my strengths and some of my weaknesses and learned new things about myself. So using my strengths I will try to work on my weaknesses such as lack of my self-confidence and everything else Fenia pointed out. I have realised that I should see the glass half full and not half empty. There is nothing that i didn’t like about the sessions. 

Thank you very much and I wish you every success. "

- Pantelis, Jobseeker | Greece

" Working with Fenia for 6 weeks has really changed my current situation. Together we managed to frame my short- and long- term goals. I now feel certain to be able to achieve my goals in the specific period of time as we planned. Fenia also helped me to explore some aspects of myself and my relationships with family and friends. She was always engaged and motivated with my personal success. Thank you Fenia, I am sure we will work again together."

- Lily, HR Professional & Mentor  | London, UK

"In just three sessions, Fenia managed to help me overcome my fear and move forward with my goal. The thoughts that were bothering me were magically sorted out and I found the confidence I needed to take the first steps towards the career change I needed. From the first moment I felt like I was working with a professional. Indeed, with the right tools it produced immediate results and at the same time I have the confidence that I know where to turn when it's time for the next big decision, for the next career goal."

Voula, Communications Officer | Greece

" I have had the pleasure of working alongside Fenia during The break fellowship program. I can confidently say that she is one of the most dedicated and hardworking team members I have had the pleasure of share with. Fenia has a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and possesses the ability to analyze complex business challenges also she has a unique ability to juggle multiple tasks while maintaining the highest quality in their work."

- Gisel, Coach Subconscious Programming | Italy

" Fenia is a very intuitive person and very easy to talk to. Fenia helped me realise that with only small changes I can make a huge difference in my every day life. She also helped me make a transition in a very difficult time in my life."

- Christos,  Architect | London, UK

" The sessions with Fenia from La Route Coaching were one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. Fenia helped me a lot with the issues that I was struggling and especially with the improvement of my soft skills. Through the sessions and the global approach to the issues I found ways to improve myself and believed that I can achieve my goals!"

- Maria, Financial Advisor  | Greece

"Fenia helped me a lot to find my path. Excellent professional with a clear view and wide range of options for my career development. Recommend it to anyone who wants the best version of himself/herself. Thank you La Route Coaching."

- Pavlos, Civil Engineer  | London, UK

" The sessions helped me a lot in matters of work but also in matters of character. Especially in the way I thought this helped me a lot to see some things differently. It generally changed me into several things that I now deal with differently."

- Kwstas, Chef  | Greece

" I had several sessions with Fenia regarding my professional life's concerns. She is an exceptional professional that fully covered the issue I had every time in mind. After every session with her I felt more confident. My mind was crystal clear and this fact led me to make the right choices and decisions in my professional life. She is an incredible person, organized, always available and up to date. Most of all, I liked the fact that she was always supportive and acceptive.Fenia you are a moral and positive person. Thank you for everything!"

- Anna, Nutritionist  | Greece

" Fenia from La Route Coaching is a great coach. Fenia listens closely to what I was saying, gave me homework to find my purpose, and actively kept following me up and encouraging me to work hard with exercises, homework, and 1-2-1 meeting sessions. I 100% recommend La Route Coaching to anyone looking to find their purpose in their life or in their career."

-Joe, Jobseeker  | Scotland

" I approached Fenia a couple of months ago because I was kind of lost and overwhelmed due my ineffective efforts to change carreer.Even though I prefer to deal with my problems alone I decided to give it a shot and call Fenia to set up a meeting to get to know each other. After that meeting I was convinced to try with her. So after about two months working with Fenia, she didn’t prove me wrong at any point. Fenia is just an amazing person always smiling and extremely professional. She’s giving the best guidance and consultation I could get, she even managed to change my mindset and perspective in some situations and I can tell you that with me is an achievement because I’m not the most easy-going person. Fenia is always there for me by my side in every step, in every application, always willing to discuss anything. She’s always there for me even with off the record small talks and when I feel I need to discuss something Fenia is always there to listen. I’m getting closer to my goal every day and I have done a lot of progress which wasn’t the case when I was trying alone. I couldn’t be more satisfied for my initial choice to work with her and I highly recommend you to give her a chance, I’m sure you won’t regret it.Thank you Fenia for what you’ve done for me so far and I’ll see in our next call. "

- Thanasis, Compliance Officer  | London, UK

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