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For Teams

An organisation’s most important asset is its employees. By selecting the ‘best’ people we are improving the assets of an organisation. By selecting people to jobs to which they are ‘best’ suited we are limiting their stress exposure and providing them with satisfying and enriching work experiences.

My person-centric approach addresses real challenges in nurturing a skilled and motivated workforce. By aligning individuals with their strengths and interests, we boost job satisfaction, reduce stress, and cultivate a committed workforce. Partner with me to attract, retain, and empower talent, fostering growth and success for your organisation.


Unlock the true potential of your people with La Route Coaching.

Empowerment Programmes

Creative Leadership

3 Stages 

1 x 60' session with the Team Leader​

1 x 60' session with each of the team members individually 

1 x 60' team coaching session

Full programme with:

  • Personality Assessment & Feedback

  • Goal Setting for Team Success

  • Holistic Performance Evaluation

  • Motivation and Engagement Analysis

Creative Studios

 Interactive Workshops

1 x 1 - 2hrs workshop session with 30' time for questions

In person or online

Open to prepare other topics

Featured Topics:

  • Empowering Leadership in a Changing World

  • Culture Empowerment Workshop

  • Career Mindset Masterclass

  • Work-life Balance 

What are Psychometrics?

Psychometrics are robust, valid and reliable assessments. Standardised procedures embodying a series of questions designed to assess key cognitive or personality dimensions. Must have acceptable levels of validity and reliability to be of value. All users should have the same experience.

What are the benefits of the sessions with me?

  • Enhanced Talent Management

  • Tailored Training and Leadership Development

  • Improved Organisational Culture

  • Streamlined Recruitment Process

  • Professional Coaching and Development

What can you improve in your leadership skillset?

  • Enhanced Team Composition Awareness

  • Role Clarity and Alignment

  • Improved Team Functioning

  • Goal-Driven Leadership

  • Continuous Development

Looking to further empower your team?

Contact me to customise a programme tailored to your specific needs.

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