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Top Essential Qualities

£80 per Session

Emplotment’: the process of viewing the self as the main character in a meaningful and productive narrative. Narrative helps us to make sense of our experiences by ordering them in a sequence, and describing them in terms of a theme(s). It is suggested that telling our own stories can be empowering as it enables us to actively define who we are however they are seen as temporary constructions rather than as representing enduring personality traits or behaviours – more than one story could be told and narratives we construct about our lives may change. 

What Do We Offer?

  • One (1) INTRO Call at No Cost

  • The client decides the number of sessions. (*suggested minimum 8 sessions)

  • Advice, Education & Guidance

  • Support to develop Essential Skills:

    • CV writing

    • Cover Letter

    • Interview Prep

    • LinkedIn Profile

  • Identifying & exploring career options

  • Personal Development:

    • Limiting Beliefs

    • Growth Mindset

    • Self-care / self-love

What Is Career?

We define career as a sequence of employment-related positions, roles, activities and experiences encountered by a person. It's a succession of related jobs, arranged in a hierarchy of prestige through which persons move in an ordered (more or less predictable) sequence. An evolving sequence of a person’s work experience over time. 

Career Counselling & Coaching

  • Growth in coaching has meant an increase in a collaborative style of career coaching/counselling. 

  • Career counselling & coaching are now used interchangeably.

  • Overlap with executive coaching where the focus is more on improving performance or wellbeing at work.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Career Self-Management & Performance.

  • Understanding career choice, decisions & transition.

  • Developing self-understanding.

  • Discovering your strengths.

  • Maximising your potential.

  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs.

  • Improve work-life balance.

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