Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a powerful process which enables people to recognise and utilise their resources to make career related decisions and manage career related issues. Through the coaching sessions, individuals get a clear understanding of themselves, a knowledge of the requirements and prospects in different lines of work, and inspiration to maximise their personal and professional potential by developing leadership skills.

Why do I need Career Coaching?

The reality is everyone does need a coach. Career coaching is the right fit for you if: ✓ you want to discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve ✓ you are struggling with a challenge ✓ you value collaboration, other viewpoints and new perspectives ✓ you are ready to devote time and energy to make real changes ✓ you want to be an expert of your own success.

What makes La Route Coaching different?

At La Route Coaching, our primary purpose is to make the world a better place for everyone. Our human-centric coaching uses a unique framework to develop clarity, awareness, and a sustainable mindset, as a means to help people thrive and live an inspiring and impactful life.

What are the results of Career Coaching?

Career coaching will change your life and your attitude towards life. It will help you achieve your personal and professional goals, and your productivity will be increased. You will learn to be brave, confident and you will boost your self-esteem. Career coaching will give you the tools to increase your motivation and engagement, broad your creativity and develop self-discipline. You will discover the meaning and purpose of your life, and you will be living for your deepest and the most inward value.

How do I know if we are the right fit?

You are invited to book a 60-minute introductory session. This no-cost, no-obligation session is an opportunity to see me in person, experience the way I work and ask questions before you decide if you want to continue the career coaching journey.

How do I get the most out of coaching?

You must be willing to open yourself, be commited, try new ideas and reflect what you learn. You should attend each coaching session prepared, thinking deeply about what you want to achieve and be willing to take the necessary actions.