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Modern approaches of career development reflect the shift in career from linearity and permanence to instability, uncertainty and frequent transitions. The approach of Chaos Theory of Careers  applies the idea that individuals, living in the process of career development and life transition, are complex, dynamic systems constantly under the influence of stability and change, operating within a network of other complex dynamic systems such as organisations, community groups, labor markets, and national and global economies. This is an attempt to explain human thought and behaviour with concepts borrowed from the field of Newtonian Physics, Quantum Theory & the Theory of Evolution’s emphasis on pattern and variation.

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What Is Chaos Theory?

The basic assumption in Chaos Theory recognises that systems are prone to change which can bring them back to their original conditions. Thus small changes into intricate systems can lead to disproportionate (non-linear) changes to other part of the system, that is the Butterfly Effect, and the phenomena should be considered as complex systems connected to each other. The Chaos theory of Careers perceives reality as a combination of order and instability. It is based on a realistic view of reality which recognises that our knowledge of the world is direct and not knowledge of our perceptions of the world. This perceives the existing as complex, dynamic, interconnected and changeable systems which have the ability to self-organise in order, coherence and elastic stability while at the same time being susceptible to restoring their original conditions.

Chaos Theory Contribution

The contribution of the Chaos Theory is particularly important in professional development and selection. We should accept that stability and instability are coexistence, continuous and coordinated processes through which the systems respond creatively to their experiences. This demonstrates the potential of each person to find a career that has meaning and value for them, through creativity, genuine self-consciousness and wisdom.

The Wisdom Of Chaos Theory

  • Live "at the edge of chaos”.

  • Live responsibly and sensitively in the light of the unexpected and unpleasant eventuality in life. 

  • Adopt a "positive uncertainty".

  • Accept the "paradox".

  • Recognise the limitations and boundaries of human existence and exploit its abilities.

  • Develop open-mindedness, curiosity and self efficacy.

  • Plan happenstance.

  • Identify a range of possibilities.